About Us

After opening the doors in 2004, Hugh Southard, Owner and President of Blue Mountain Artists, felt extremely fortunate to have had many of the musicians that he admired and respected, join him and Page Stallings on their adventure. Many of the artists/bands were friends that Hugh had known for 25 years, and some are new friends that we have established bonds since opening. We are thankful to have the support of these artists, which we consider friends.

Blue Mountain Artists is committed to working its hardest to forge relationships with the musicians, the buyers and the fans that will last a lifetime and benefit everyone involved. Our agency represents some of the best American music, without regards to labels or titles and with an understanding of the difficulties of the road and the plight of the promoters. Our goal is simply to work hard, be honest and creative for the benefit of all involved.

In 2009, we established a management division, called Blue Mountain Management Group (BMMG), thanks to a life long friendship between Hugh, and the legendary Tim Reynolds. When Tim decided to become a touring member of the Dave Matthews Band in 2008, he needed someone to help with the management of his career. After 25 years of friendship, it just made sense that BMMG would be the right choice for Tim, and his band TR3.

BMMG is also moving forward with new management clients. We are working towards being a comprehensive management division, assisting our clients with ongoing and essential career support ranging from the nuts and bolts of tour issues, label negotiations, placements, endorsements and whatever the individual artist needs to further their career goals.

There are many exciting things happening at Blue Mountain Artists, so check back often to see what we’re up to next!



Phone: (o)704.525.1559

Email: allan@bmatours.com

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