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About Sherri

Sherri, being the only girl of eight boys, faced many challenges of her own. Through her own personal healing and experiences, she has been able to reach out to others, assist them in their own healing of the body mind and soul. Finding a greater capacity to feel joy, give love, and be loved in return.

Sherri is a Nationally Certified Massage Body Worker of 10 years, an Emotional Release facilitator of over 5 years, Educational Healing Coach, and has worked in the medical field for 4 years as a Medical Assistant and Certified Nurse Assistant.

Working with the energy centers (Chakras and Meridian pathways) of the body she can facilitate in removing, energy blocks of emotion, trauma, and pain. By releasing these negative blocks of patterns, a person soul can be set free to live more in joy, peace and harmony.


-Robert and Trudy

“Our work with Sherry Gilgen started about three years ago. My sister had told me what an amazing massage I could receive by becoming Sherry’s client, but we had no idea how she would be able to help change our lives by utilizing the higher source of the Savior, Jesus Christ in facilitating a healing journey that has helped not only myself but also my husband…”


“I have been going to Sherri for over 5 years. I have tried a ½ dozen massage therapists, but Sherri is by far the best. She knows exactly what the body needs and where to focus.”

-Terri F

“Sherri is a very gifted massage therapist who has the most amazing touch. I was the recipient of many of her massages over a 3 year period and looked forward to them on a regular basis. Her hands were so soft and yet firm, applying just the right pressure to get the energy flowing nicely. If I asked for firm or if I asked for gentle, she delivered every time. I always left her room feeling better than before and desiring another treatment shortly thereafter.”


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