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Sherri Limb is an intuitive instrument in facilitating the Healers Art. She believes we all have the capacity to heal that which keeps us from who we truly are and desire to be. She has found comfort in her own life through knowing we are all very much alike and have a Heavenly family who love and watch over us. She enjoys art, writing, music, theater, and the outdoors; which all bring healing in that we can all create our own uniqueness and oneness.

Sherri, being the only girl of eight boys, faced many challenges of her own. Through her own personal healing and experiences, she has been able to reach out to others, assist them in their own healing of the body mind and soul. Finding a greater capacity to feel joy, give love, and be loved in return.

Sherri is a Nationally Certified Massage Body Worker of 10 years, an Emotional Release facilitator of over 5 years, Educational Healing Coach, and has worked in the medical field for 4 years as a Medical Assistant and Certified Nurse Assistant.

Some of the modalities of healing she uses are: Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energy Work, Touch for Health, and Emotional Processing with or without massage, Raindrop therapy and Aroma touch. She uses pure grade essential oils and Bach flowers, to also assist in the healing process.

Working with the energy centers (Chakras and Meridian pathways) of the body she can facilitate in removing, energy blocks of emotion, trauma, and pain. By releasing these negative blocks of patterns, a person soul can be set free to live more in joy, peace and harmony.

Through her massage modalities, the body can find a space for relaxation, release of tension, increase of serotonin in the brain, boost the immune system; receive relief from chronic pain and illness. When the body is in a more relaxed state, it can truly begin to heal.

The greatest thing that I have learned about life is by letting go of pain and suffering, finding and holding to the positive, choosing to see things in a greater light. Gives me the strength and courage to climb higher than I thought I could, to Love deeper than I knew possible, to Forgive when I didn’t think I could, to re-embrace those things which bring light and joy into my life, to step out of my comfort zone and Fly, seeing my self beyond my limitations, being the very best I can be, and believing I can.

I love the Mountains, the Ocean, and all things that are created on this Earth, the divinity of the human soul. There is beauty in all things, even that which does not edify for it teaches us what joy is, when we choose to learn from it. My Lord Jesus Christ stated “I am the way the truth and the life..” He is pure Love, He is the healer of mankind and gives everlasting life.

“For the Loving Powerful Healing Divine Women of Light Whos bright colors absolutly burst through her beige wall to create wonder at her spirits beauty May this be a reminder to strut your spirit like a Peacock so the world can appriciate how special you are” David Read Gilgen

In memory of a loving husband of whom I still celebrate his life upon the Earth by living mine to the fullest. I love you Dave.


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