Therapeutic Massage 60/90 minutes
Enjoy the benefits of combined modalities to fit your needs. Whether it is energy, relaxation, meditation, Swedish massage, Acupressure, meridian work, trigger point, deep tissue. This is the massage for you.
Cranial Sacral Therapy 60/90 minutes
Sink into deeper levels of relaxation with a light touch therapy treatment. Connecting the right and left brain hemispheres together, aligning the spine and sacrum to their natural rhythm: allowing the Cerebrospinal Fluid to move with more fluidity. Releasing pressure built up in the Central Nervous System, that ma cause, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, depression, etc.
Foot Massage 30/60 minutes
Just like your feet rubbed. Enjoy the benefits of getting your entire body worked on through your feet. By a vita flex pressure technique used on the feet to work with the spine, organs, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and lymphatic systems.
Deep Tissue Massage 60/90 min
After a hard days work or stressful week, receive a deep penetrating massage which heals from the inside out. With slow deep manipulations to help relieve tension and sore achy muscles.
Hot Stone Massage 90 min
Relax sore achy muscles through using smooth lava stones which are heated to relax the muscles and tension of the body. This treatment can be very grounding and beneficial during cold winter months
Raindrop Therapy 75 min $100
By using therapeutic essential oils up and down the spine, the muscles of the back and feet, hot or cold compresses, this soothing, relaxing treatment can give you an energy boost, raise the immune system, rejuvenate muscles and assist one to feel more balanced and whole.
Aroma Touch Therapy 30/60 min.
Zone out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated by the sweet aroma of therapeutic essential oils and smooth hand body manipulations, up and down the spine, including the head, neck shoulders hands and feet: Bringing you back into balance and wholeness. It is truly out of this world.
Emotional Work/ Therapeutic Massage 90min/2hrs $115/$150
Running in circles, hitting walls, can’t seem to find clarity, feeling stuck full of clutter. Clear your body, mind and spirit. Massage combined with meditation breathing, inner child work, kinesiology, meridians, and chakras.

Without Massage 90min/$110

Emotional Facilitating over the phone 90min/$80


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