Robert and Trudy N.

Our work with Sherry Gilgen started about three years ago. My sister
had told me what an amazing massage I could
receive by becoming Sherry’s client, but we had no idea how she would
be able to help change our lives by utilizing the higher
source of the Savior, Jesus Christ in facilitating a healing journey
that has helped not only myself but also my husband, Robert N.
She has been able to help us become more spiritually intuitive and
after each session we left feeling so uplifted, knowing that
the emotional hurts, blockages and hurdles that inhibited us from
progressing, were eliminated. I could see and feel things
so differently. Between each session, we always had a desire to be
drawn to things that would further lift our heart and soul
which helped with the healing process.
Our desire and ability to love unconditionally became stronger with
each session. A truth we have known all our lives is that
our Savior Jesus Christ’s power comes from His ability to love.
Through our sessions with Sherry, we were able to comprehend
that principle more and more as she helped facilitate our change of
energy through giving the negative energies and entities
to a His higher power to be cleansed.
We became so much more grounded as we felt the relief of pressure. It
was so powerful in our lives to not feel overwhelmed with
life’s tasks or people. It is so powerful to be around people and
love them without taking on their burdens, hurts and
trials. We feel forever changed and even though it is so hard and
painful to move through the emotional blocks, my husband
and I kept at it. We now feel the rewards of doing this work with
more meaningful relationship between ourselves, our children,
friends, work associates and even aquaintences.
We feel an eternal gratitude to the Lord because when we were ready
for healing, a wonderful facilitatior was put in our path. We
forever bless Sherry that she was there when we were ready.
Robert and Trudy N.

Terri F.

Sherri is a very gifted massage therapist who has the most amazing touch. I was the recipient of many of her massages over a 3 year period and looked forward to them on a regular basis. Her hands were so soft and yet firm, applying just the right pressure to get the energy flowing nicely. If I asked for firm or if I asked for gentle, she delivered every time. I always left her room feeling better than before and desiring another treatment shortly thereafter.

She is also gifted in emotional release therapy while doing the massage. I felt she was “spot on” with the emotions that were going on with me. I originally started seeing her after the death of my husband 4 years ago and she helped me deal with the grief and many other emotions that “showed up” during the years I saw her.

She is a definite asset to anyone needing relief from pain due to emotions or physical stress relief. What I’ve come to realize is that a lot of physical pain has an emotional attachment as well so therefore you get the best of both when you see her as a practitioner. The use of essential oils in her practice is a great benefit also as they are very healing to the body.

I have highly recommended her to many people over the years and they love her touch as well. Anyone who makes the choice to go see her will be very pleased. I’ve tried many massage therapists during the past 4 years and I have not found anyone who has the touch quite like her.

Warm regards,

– T

I have been going to Sherri for over 5 years. I have tried a ½ dozen massage therapists, but Sherri is by far the best. She knows exactly what the body needs and where to focus.


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