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Remember how exciting the Apollo program was? Imagine how revolutionary the first crewed trip to Mars will be. As humans step out onto the surface of another planet for the first time, wouldn’t you like to know that you had a part in making that happen? Now you can! You can enable the exploration of Mars by sponsoring a Mars Mile.
To make a one-time single donation to the Mars Prize Fund, click the “Donate” button below. If you would like to sign up for annual or monthly donations, select your desired amount and click the corresponding “subscribe” button below. Either way once your total donations reach $100 you will have sponsored a Mars Mile and we will get your unique certificate of recognition in the main to you. Certificates will be mailed in December of 2017 for the first time then monthly after that.
Subscription Levels:
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Mars Mile Visionaries:
Mina Mukhar, Gregory Tucker, MarsDrive, Jennifer Dever, Tom Jolly, Barabanschikov Dmitriy, David Regad, Wallace Group Ltd., Paul Lister, Paul Scott, David Sidewand, Terry Mackintosh, David Geaney, James Holland, Members of the Green Party, Mark Andrews, Chris & Jessica Bellant, Charley Bellant
More Mars Prize Fund Information:
About the Mars Prize Fund
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Mars Initiative is a non-profit organization, 501(c)3. We are comprised entirely of volunteers from around the world who donate their time and expertise. 100% of the money we receive will be awarded to the first entity that lands humans on Mars.

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