Seattle Sunrise


Brittany is almost impossible to surprise. I’ve tried twice to surprise her with a trip for her birthday. Both times, she knew something was up. She’s wicked smart and incredibly good at reading people. A single misplaced inflection causes the neurons in her head to excite at an uncalculable rate resulting in her analyzing and accurately concluding what is going on. She’s the same way with movies. After five minutes, she’s able to guess the main storyline and plot twists. Luckily, she keeps that info to herself, usually writing it down and then showing it to me afterwards. Otherwise, I’d have to stab her. Just kidding. Sort of.

The day before our wedding, I knew I wanted to surprise Brittany but I didn’t know how. I looked at the weather and the conditions looked promising for a photo. We spent the night before the wedding apart, so it was easy for me to wake up an hour before sunrise and grab a taxi up to Kerry Park undetected.

Everything came together perfectly for that photo and that easy perfection continued throughout the day. That night we were married and I slept like a baby. Brittany, who didn’t wake up at 4:30am, was still wired and proceeded to stay up all night eating $8 per bag mini-bar white cheddar popcorn and watching Friends reruns on TV.

Just married

Anniversary present

I came up with a plan to surprise Brittany with the photo for our first anniversary. Finding time to process the photo without her knowing took patience and deception. We are partners in life and business, so she knows almost everything I am doing at any given time. I’m a terrible liar, but I was determined to make sure I didn’t give this surprise away. I had my friend, Jeff (who joined me on my Starry Night shot) help me out by delivering the canvas print and a custom machined black inlay to the frame shop who color matched the frame to the print. Side note: Brittany’s favorite color is orange.

On the day of our anniversary, Brittany wanted to cook a nice dinner, complete with the red wine we had served at the wedding. Fisticuffs. It’s delicious. Anyway, we went to the grocery to pick up ingredients, and I had Jeff drop the print off at the house. When we got home, the front door was blocked by a huge box. 3ft x 1ft x 7ft. Hard to miss. Brittany looked at me confused. “What is it?” she asked. “You’re anniversary present,” I grinned. She opened the box and stared at the picture. Her brow was furrowed. Not exactly what I was expecting. “When did you take this…” she asked slowly. “The morning of our wedding,” I answered. She looked at me in shock. I couldn’t help but say, “Hah! I got you!” She stayed silent. I could tell she was analyzing the last year, trying to find a clue that she had missed. There was none. I finally surprised her! After a moment, she said she loved it and gave me a kiss. After dinner, we hung it up in the dining room.

Now we are talking about going to counseling… something about keeping secrets and trust issues… 😉