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Virgin River

Growing up, my parents took my sister (Jennilee) and me all around the United States. We’d go hiking, canyoneering, kayaking, and camping. I remember these being the most amazingly…

Starry Night

My headlamp lights the way as I slowly plow my way through the waist deep snow. My friend, Jeff, is behind me and I can tell he his struggling to power through too. I can’t remember the .

Coco Solo

Clouds hid the stars and moon. It was dark and lightly raining as the boat buzzed deeper into blackness off the coast of Belize. I was on a mission to capture an island with a single palm…

Seattle Sunrise

Brittany is almost impossible to surprise. I’ve tried twice to surprise her with a trip for her birthday. Both times, she knew something was up. She’s wicked smart and incredibly good at


Winter was not kind to photographers in the Flathead Valley this year. While ski bums rejoiced in the amount of snow on the mountains, the same clouds that brought the snow


Years ago, I lived in the Dalles along the Columbia River in Oregon. I remember hiking around the numerous gorges and waterfalls between there and Portland with my family…

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