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Pinnacle Pipeline Inspection Inc. is a full service pipeline group. We are recognized as a industry leader and reliable partner for providing the complete spectrum of field services. This includes surveying, mapping, right-of-way acquisition, GIS, environmental permitting, inspection/construction management, pipeline integrity management, fabrication and construction.


Hydro excavation brings a number of benefits to the industrial excavation world. It is now the most preferred method of digging because of its efficient and accurate results.

The primary benefit of hydro excavation is that it provides for better damage and safety control when compared with mechanical methods. Since it is accurate, it limits accidents and injuries for laborers as well as other people. It also does a better job of digging.

Using hydro excavation avoids damage to underground pipes, lines and cables. This in turn eliminates the high expenses needed for repairs and restoration. Needing to do fewer repairs means less time to get the job done too. Interrupted utilities bring inconveniences and high costs. This process of excavation is able to minimize damages.

All these bring long run benefits as well. With the safety risks and repairs lessened, hydro excavation also reduces insurance and liability costs. As this process provides better results, a company’s reputation and profitability often increases.

In general, hydro excavation is a method that creates a better service for the customer and that makes life easier for the contractors, the customers and the laborers.


As pipelines age, they become susceptible to a variety of issues over time, including corrosion, deposits and leaking. Problems with pipelines can cause environmental hazards and loss of valuable resources being transmitted through the pipeline, including gases, oils and drinking water.

Pinnacle Pipeline Inspection Inc. does a several different types of Rehabilitation including Fold & Form Lining, and Spray-On Lining.

The Fold & Form Lining process allows for in-place pipe rehabilitation without pipeline excavation. Fold and Form liners offer a flexible lining solution for trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes.

The Spray-On Lining uses either a spray-on epoxy or pipe lining fabric soaked in epoxy to restore the potable water lines.


Pinnacle Pipeline Inspection can provide a safe, reliable and secure solution for maintaining your sewer system.

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The country is undertaking new infrastructure techniques that require special, up to date services. Pinnacle Pipeline Inspection is here to help make these projects safer & more secure.

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