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Why use St. George Escrow?

We are local! Long term escrow transactions are complicated and require open and
often communication. Take comfort in knowing you can come into our oce to speak
with an escrow professional. Being local also gives you the benefit of being able to make
and receive payments in person.

What is long term escrow?

A long term escrow is an arrangement to have a neutral third party service the contract
between multiple parties. In doing so, the long term escrow company handles the
details, such as retaining the original documents for safekeeping; accepting and
distributing funds; calculating principal and interest; and retaining reserves for taxes,
insurance, and association dues. In addition, St George Escrow provides appropriate
parties with monthly and year-end statements.

Seller Financing
Wraparound Loans
Private Financing
Construction Financing

Safekeeping of original documents

Receive, disburse and maintain accurate records of all payments


Optional taxes and insurance reserves


Year end accounting statements


Upon payment in full appropriate deeds and/or reconveyances are prepared & recorded

Involved in a complex transaction that
requires a third-party servicer? We can help!

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